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Some kind words from my clients:

"Jenny Moxham helped me at a time when I was feeling very low. A number of life events had caught up with me and knocked me sideways. I had considered hypnotherapy before but needed to trust the person who would work with me. Jenny was that person. To be honest, it didn't feel like I thought it would, but just felt like a trusted friend was listening and helping me to find a solution. The effects were quite immediate and I found myself in a much more positive frame of mind. Believe me, if you are considering hypnotherapy, Jenny Moxham is the best person to go to."


"My daughter seemed a lot more relaxed after her session with you. She has ridden since she saw you and she was less nervous and enjoyed her rides. As a spectator, I thought she looked far more confident and it was a joy to watch her. I feel that you have equipped her moving forward and she will keep building on her positive experiences and go from strength to strength. Thank you for helping her."

"I have been meaning to email you all week to update you on things since my first treatment. I will say straight away that the hypnotherapy has had a real effect. My husband commented after a few days on how much calmer I was overall and particularly with the children. I had purposefully not told him much about our session as I wanted to see if he could see any effects. More importantly, I felt much better. Although it was a busy week and the kids were as testing at bedtime as ever and my husband was working every night, I was firm but calm with them and didn't lose my rag or 'see red' once. This meant I felt so much calmer and happier at the end of each day.

Overall, I would say that the treatment has definitely had a remarkable effect.

With many many thanks for giving me much hope of a more relaxed future!"


"Riding has been going well since my session with you. When I'm on my horse I'm now feeling good - there has been an improvement in my understanding of where he is at, and my expectations of him which then, of course, has an impact on how I measure 'success' - so yes, we are doing great! I've been really pleased with how we have progressed over the last two rides, and looking back at what we were like when I first got him, I can see that we have progressed a great deal indeed!"

"I found our appointment very useful, enlightening and so thought-provoking about a great many things! I noticed my throat Charkra was constricted by the end of the session and, having just revisited my Reiki info, the throat Charkra is the centre of self expression but where we speak our Truth free of fear. It continues to say, perhaps you have been afraid of how others would judge you if they really knew how you felt, which made a lot of sense to me.

I was also thrilled that when my son came to see you, he made the full session with you and he found talking through things so helpful.

"The tinnitus has got quite a bit better since my session with you, and now I usually only notice it occasionally. Even then, itís not so loud. Iím not constantly aware of it, so itís easier to get on with everyday life! I still practice the energy tapping you taught me, and find it useful as it helps as a meditation technique."
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