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I am also a certified NLP practitioner.

What is NLP?

NLP started in the 1970s when two men studied a number of highly-skilled communicators and started to work out what made them so effective at communicating. The results of their studies formed the basis of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

They isolated what makes a good communicator by looking at what they had in common and analyzing their actions and their thought processes.

From that point they were able to develop a set of descriptions which defined processes.

Everybody does everything differently, and sometimes we need to understand 'when this happens, then that happens...'

NLP helps to identify where your parts of the process are stronger or weaker and where aspects of your behaviour can undermine your performance or happiness.

It can also help us to identify the different ways people learn, the different ways people perceive the world, how to model yourself on the best and use positivity in everyday life. NLP focuses on solutions and outcomes.

A key expression in NLP is Whats happening here? giving us the chance to slightly stand aside and look deeper into the problem and understand the bigger picture.

Many aspects of our lives can be hindered by nerves and anxiety. Sometimes we get in our own way and some of the reasons for this can be caused by other issues in our lives.

Lots of us get 'stuck' or have negative feelings, and the reasons behind them can differ from person to person but are often due to something that has happened in our past which has affected or influenced our coping mechanisms.

NLP and cognitive hypnotherapy can help here.

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